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You can execute arbitrary Bash commands from the Commands panel. Commands are executed from within the website root directory, e.g. /home/flashvps/ If you need to run commands in a different directory, you can precede the command with a cd:

cd bin && ./

Run command

Steps to execute a command:

  1. At the site management panelCommand 0
  2. Search with keywords thực thi câu lệnh>> Select tabThực thi câu lệnh Command 1
  3. Enter the command you want to execute > SelectThực thi

! Command Input Commands are not executed in the tty, which means that input/password cannot be provided.

Command history

FlashVPS displays the command history as a table, by default it displays the last 10 commands executed. Command 2 Command 3From the Command History panel, you can also view the output of the command and run the command again.

Custom Script


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