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FlashVPS supports installing custom SSL certificates and using LetsEncrypt to generate free certificates for your websites.


LetsEncrypt offers free SSL certificates that are recognized on all major browsers.

FlashVPS will automatically renew your LetsEncrypt certificate 21 days or less before it expires. Or you can also renew it manually at the website's certificate management panel . The renewal will happen at a random date and time to avoid flooding the LetsEncrypt servers.

You can create a Singing Request at the tab SSLon FlashVPS's website management panel:SSL/HTTPS 0

  1. At the tab SSL> SelectLetsEnctypt SSL/HTTPS 1
  2. Selectcài đặt LetsEnctypt SSL/HTTPS 2

! Cloning a LetsEncrypt Certificate
Due to the LetsEncrypt renewal process, the LetsEncrypt certificate cannot be copied to other sites. You just need to issue a new LetsEncrypt certificate for that site.

Create Signing Request (CSR)

Create Signing Request is an encrypted text (containing information of the domain owner) from the server (server) preparing to install SSL. It contains information that will be included in your certificate such as your organization name, common name (domain name), locality and country. 1 CSR will be generated right before sending request to SSL provider to generate SSL.

You can create a Singing Request at the tab SSLon FlashVPS's website management panel:SSL/HTTPS 3

  1. At the tab SSL> SelectTạo Signing Request SSL/HTTPS 4
  2. Enter CSR informationSSL/HTTPS 5
  3. SelectGửi

Install an existing certificate

If you already own a key and certificate from another service. FlashVPS assists you in installing that certificate for your website.

  1. At the tab SSL> SelectCài đặt chứng chỉ hiện có SSL/HTTPS 6
  2. Paste the certificate key and the Certificate field and the private key into the Private Key field SSL/HTTPS 7
  3. SelectLưu

Copy certificate

You can easily copy 1 certificate from another in your FlashVPS servers.

  1. At the tab SSL> SelectSao chép chứng chỉ SSL/HTTPS 8
  2. Select a certificate to copySSL/HTTPS 9
  3. SelectSao chép chứng chỉ

SSL Certificate Management

FlashVPS displays a list of installed certificates as a table. Here you can Renew , Activate or delete the certificate for the site.SSL/HTTPS 10 SSL/HTTPS 11

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