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Scheduled Jobs

Scheduled jobs can be configured to run commands for a specified period of time. FlashVPS provides several common defaults, or you can enter a custom Cron schedule for a command.

You can create scheduled jobs through the FlashVPS console through the Scheduling tab of the server's management console. When creating a new scheduled job, you need to provide:

  • Command : Command to run, for example:php /home/flashvps/default/ artian schedule:run
  • User : The system user that runs the command. For example:flashvps
  • Cron Expression : How often to run the command at.Scheduler 0

! Scheduled Job Not Running?.
If your scheduled job is not running, you should make sure that the path to the command is correct.

Laravel Scheduled Jobs

If you have deployed a Laravel application and are using Laravel's scheduling feature , you will need to create a scheduled job to run the Laravel Artisan command schdule:run. This job should be configured to execute every minute.

Scheduler 1

You change to the name of your website.

If your website is set to the user isouser, for example, you need to change the path and the user accordingly.

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