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What is phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is a freeware tool written in PHP that handles the administration of MySQL over the Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations on MySQL and MariaDB. Commonly used operations (managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc.) can be performed through the user interface, while you still have the ability to execute any SQL statement directly.

FlashVPS also supports installing phpMyAdmin, so you can manage the database from anywhere.

If you have not done so, you should create a new database and database user. This is used by phpMyAdmin to store the configuration of your database and users.

Once FlashVPS has phpMyAdmin installed, you can then log into your installation using any combination of your database username and password.

Outstanding Features of phpMyAdmin

  • Intuitive web interface
  • Supports most MySQL features:
    • browse and delete databases, tables, views, fields and indexes
    • create, copy, delete, rename and change databases, tables, fields and indexes
    • maintenance server, databases and tables, with recommendations for server configuration
    • execute, edit and bookmark any SQL statement, even batch queries
    • manage MySQL user accounts and privileges
    • manage stored procedures and triggers
  • Import data from CSV and SQL
  • Export data to different formats: CSV, SQL, XML, PDF, ISO/IEC 26300 - OpenDocument Text and Spreadsheet, Word, LATEX and others
  • Administering multiple servers
  • Generate graphics of your database layout in different formats
  • Creating complex queries using Query-by-example (QBE)
  • Global search within a database or a subset of it
  • Convert stored data to any format using a set of predefined functions, like displaying BLOB data as an image or download-link
  • ...

Installing phpMyAdmin

Note: Currently php8.1 is new, so installing phpMyAdmin on this version still has some errors. Select version php8.0 or lower instead.

  1. Server Settings : Available Server Connections . You can install MySQL or MariaDBphpMyAdmin 0

  2. Create a website : At the server information interface, select Tạo trang web mới phpMyAdmin 1Fill in website information and selectTạo trang web phpMyAdmin 2

  3. Install phpMyAdmin : You go to the site management panel. phpMyAdmin 3 phpMyAdmin 4Then select the option to install the phpMyAdmin source codephpMyAdmin 5

  4. SelectCài đặt phpMyAdmin

    FlashVPS will install it for you, The installation process will take 1-2 minutes. Then you just need to access the website and if you see the interface as shown below, it is successful. You enter the username and password that FlashVPS sent you via email when you created the server. Or you can also go to the Cơ sở dữ liệu> tab and create a new username and password.phpMyAdmin 6

    After successful login, the interface will look like this:phpMyAdmin 7

A few things to keep in mind

When importing large files

Some basic operations on phpMyAdmin

Create Database (Database)

At the main interface, you choose Database> nhập tên csdland collection>Create phpMyAdmin 8

Create table for database

In the left sidebar you select the database name, then at the bottom Create Tableyou enter tên bảngand số cộtfor the table and select Go phpMyAdmin 9You fill in the information for the table such as column name, data type, length/value, default value, nullable, ... then select Save phpMyAdmin 10After Select Savewe have the following table structure.phpMyAdmin 11

Add records to the table

At the table to add, you select the tab Insertin the upper navigation bar > Điền thông tin> Go phpMyAdmin 12Success message phpMyAdmin 13You select the tab Browseto see a list of existing recordsphpMyAdmin 14

Export File (Export File)

There are 2 types of output files:

  • Xuất CSDL: You select a database and select the tab Export> Chọn kiểu cần format: SQL, CSV, Excel,...>Go phpMyAdmin 15

  • Xuất bảng: You select a table and select tab Export> Chọn kiểu cần format: SQL, CSV, Excel,...> Rows>Go phpMyAdmin 16

Import File (Import File)

There are 2 types of Import files:

  • Nhập CSDL: You select a database and select the tab Import> Chọn file cần import.>Go
  • Nhập bảng: You select a database and select the tab Import> Chọn file cần import.>Go

Note : Here you need to note the place (Max: 2,048KB) . This is the maximum file size that can be uploaded by default. If your file is larger in size, you need to update the size according to the instructions here . Then go back to phpMyAdmin and do File Import as usualphpMyAdmin 17


There are also two types of authorization:

  • Phân quyền cho CSDL: Select Database > select tab Privileges>Add user account
  • Phân quyền cho bảng: Select the table > select the tab Privileges> Add user account phpMyAdmin 18Fill in the login information phpMyAdmin 19Select the permissions for the account and select Go phpMyAdmin 20the interface successfully add and edit permissionsphpMyAdmin 21
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